Getting connected in a disconnected society, why is is necessary for us?

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Date(s) - 04/10/2019
8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Mount Waverley Youth Centre


In an incredibly interconnected world we explore the increasing phenomena of loneliness, the lack of a sense of belonging and community that is increasingly being felt. What are the key drivers to this lack of social cohesion and what are the keys to build unity within a community of diverse cultural, religious and ethnic backgrounds?

About Azita Sobhani:

Azita Sobhani brings to bear her vast experience in managing development programs in international settings to building coherent vibrant local communities.  She is interested at the intersection where the individual learns to thrive in service to the community and where the community in turn learns to facilitated people’s reaching their full potential.

Azita is trained as a development economist, and has led multi-disciplinary, multi-cultural teams of experts in diverse industries to converge within a common framework – to build individual and institutional capacity.  She draws the bulk of her experience in managing bilateral or multilateral aid programs (Timor Leste, Indonesia, Philippines, and Tibet / China etc.).

Her approach to her professional and community work is underpinned by strong sense of social justice and humanity’s inherent oneness